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EDGAR v4.1 emission database was released online (and provided to DG CLIMA)

The EDGAR v4.1emission database contains country by country and gridded emissions of all Kyoto Protocol GHGs, the ozone precursors and acidifying substances for the 35 years 1970-2005. The gridmaps were made available subsequently.
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Release of EDGAR V4.1 with updated GHG emissions and emissions of air pollutants.
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EDGAR Discussion Forum

Programme and handouts of all presentations to DG ENV and DG CLIMA and EEA are available.
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High resolution digital view of man-made green house gas (GHG) emissions

These add-on layers to Google Earth allow easily visualization of the annual distribution of GHG emissions all over the world at local levels from 1970-2005 and by main emission sources in the year 2005. The shown grid size is a tenth of a geographical degree of latitude by the same extension in longitude, or simplified, a circa 10 km x 10 km square, roughly the size of central Paris. Data used in the visualization come from JRC and the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency´s (PBL) Emission Database for Global Research (EDGAR), and its dataset released in May this year (EDGAR v4.0)
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For CO2, CH4 and N2O, CF compliant netcdf files with sector emissions are available for download.

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