New high resolution temporal profiles in EDGAR


Human activities and the corresponding anthropogenic emissions into the atmosphere show marked temporal variations, from inter-annual to hourly levels. Yearly emissions might be unable, for example, to adequately reflect heavy pollution episodes, seasonal trends, or any process which is inherently time-dependant, thus undermining the capability to determine the causes and to take adequate mitigation measure. Moreover, chemical transport models (CTMs) require the use of spatio-temporally distributed emission data, to simulate the dynamics of photochemical compounds in the atmosphere and pollution loadings during different periods of the year and during different hours of the day.

We have developed high resolution temporal profiles, allowing the disaggregation of the annual emission data of EDGAR into monthly and hourly emissions, with country- and sector-specific temporal profiles for regulated gaseous and particulate air pollutants, as well as for greenhouse gases. An additional novelty of this methodology is the development of time-varying yearly profiles for sectors showing a strong seasonal pattern over different years (e.g. power generation and small combustion). Full documentation about the methodology adopted can be found in Crippa et al. (2019).

TRO CO2 hourly emisisons

EDGAR Temporal Profiles (r1)

Monthly and hourly temporal profiles by country/regions are provided.

Monthly sector- and country- specific timeseries (1970-2012)

Monthly emission time series (1970-2012) by sector and country are computed using the EDGARv4.3.2 datasets (doi:10.2904/JRC_DATASET_EDGAR) and are available below.

For each substance, emissions timeseries (1970-2012) by sector and country are provided in an overview table (.xlsx).

Hourly emission data

Hourly emission time series and gridmaps can be computed by the EDGAR system upon request.

Sources and references

Crippa, M., Solazzo, E., Huang, G., Guizzardi, D., Koffi, E., Muntean, M., Schieberle, C., Friedrich, R. and Janssens-Maenhout, G.: High resolution temporal profiles in the Emissions Database for Global Atmospheric Research. Sci Data 7, 121 (2020). doi:10.1038/s41597-020-0462-2.


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