Global Mercury Emissions

EDGAR v8.1


EDGARv8.1 provides emissions not only for the greenhouse gases and air pollutants per sector and country but also for toxic pollutants such as mercury.

EDGARv8.1_toxHg includes:

  • Total mercury (Hg)
  • and mercury species *:
    • Elemental mercury (Hg0; Hg_G) [draft]
    • Gaseous oxidised mercury (Hg2+; Hg_D) [draft]
    • Particle-bound mercury (Hg-P; Hg_P) [draft]

*the final versions of Hg_G, Hg_D and Hg_P inventories (time series and gridmaps) will be uploaded on the website soon.

Emissions from large scale biomass burning with Savannah burning, forest fires, and sources and sinks from land-use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF) are excluded.

For the energy related sectors the activity data are primarily based on IEA data from IEA (2022) World Energy Balances, (, all rights reserved, as modified by Joint Research Centre, European Commission, whereas the activity data for the agricultural sectors originate primarily from FAO (2022) ( United States Geological Survey (USGS), UNFCCC and World Steel Association (worldsteel) recent statistics are also used for activity data. The Artisanal Small Scale Gold Mining (ASGM) sector was updated based on information from country reports and scientific literature. Additional information can be found in Muntean et al. (2024, in preparation).

Compared to the previous EDGAR version, v4.tox2, the following major updates have been included:

  • Update of activity data up to 2022
  • Updates of technology penetration and abatement measures for power plant
  • New spatial proxies as described in Crippa et al. (2024).

Time series (1970-2022)

Monthly time series (1970-2022)

Annual gridmaps (1970-2022)

Annual sector-specific gridmaps (1970-2022)

Monthly sector-specific gridmaps (2000-2022)

Sources and references

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Conditions of use

Users of the data are obliged to acknowledge the source of the data with a reference to the EDGARv8.1 toxic pollutant website (link), to Muntean et al. (2024, in preparation) and to the DOI (link).

Co-authorship and involvement of the EDGAR Team in the emission data analysis is highly appreciated. User's comments and requests can be sent via email ( to the authors.

How to cite

Marilena Muntean, Monica Crippa, Diego Guizzardi, Federico Pagani, William Becker, Manjola Banja, Edwin Schaaf, Andrea Simonati (2024): EDGAR v8.1 Global Mercury Emissions. European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC) [Dataset] PID:


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